This post has been updated We were so looking forward to the One Nation Under God event organized by Champion the Vote, the national campaign that seeks to register evangelical Christians to vote. But now it seems our main reason for tuning in won't even be there. Gov. Rick Perry's likeness and his name as an invited speaker have been scrubbed from, leaving Newt Gingrich as the only other Republican presidential candidate scheduled to appear. Read More

Mormonism, or the attacks on it, is in the news again this morning following a story in The Daily Beast that cites emails between a Christian radio executive and well-known religious-right activist David Lane. The emails between Lane and Dick Bott of the Bott Radio Network seem to indicate the two were in cahoots to advance the anti-Mormon narrative that became controversial when Dallas pastor and Gov. Rick Perry supporter Robert Jeffress called the faith of Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney a cult and non-Christian. The story posits that because Lane a long history as an important Gov. Perry supporter, perhaps the coordinated efforts were not between Lane and Bott alone, but also with Gov. Perry's presidential campaign. We're not quite ready to take that leap. As Sarah Posner points out in another story published today in Religion Dispatches, the evidence for coordination between Gov. Perry's campaign and Lane on this issue is thin right now. But there are other reasons to be distressed by these emails. Read More

by Jose Medina

In breaking news out of California, radio evangelist Harold Camping predicts the world will end on May 21, 1988   September 6, 1994   May 21, 2011   October 21, 2011.

You know what they say? The fourth time is the charm.

So there you go, you have until next Friday to get your affairs in order. If you have a birthday next Friday, this news is upsetting. But not as upsetting as it is for the rest of us to know that someone cruelly picked the delicious International Day of the Nacho as the date of the Apocalypse.

Not that we would use the end of times for a shameless plug, but this also means TFN’s 16th annual gala next Thursday will be the last. Tickets can be purchased here.… Read More

The annual Values Voter Summit has become something like “spring break” for religious-righters — except without the booze and naughty behavior. (Well, maybe. Who knows these days?) OK, so maybe it’s not really like “spring break.” Still, the VVS is where you can see the religious right in all its intolerant and anti-science glory. Talking Points Memo has pics from booths during this weekend’s gathering in the nation’s capital. Click on the photo below for more. We’ll have more on the VVS later.

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There we were, almost at the end of last night's Republican presidential debate, ready to declare that Texas had gotten off embarrassment-free. Then the moderator had to ruin it all by asking Gov. Rick Perry a question about science. Asked about climate change, Gov. Perry repeated his claim that the idea of man-made global warming is increasingly in dispute in scientific circles (not really), and .... "Galileo got outvoted for a spell." Here's the video: [youtube] Buried somewhere beneath this flat, 6,000-year-old Earth of ours, Galileo spun in his grave. Read More