San Antonio megachurch pastor John Hagee had this to say to nonbelievers in a “War on Christmas” sermon delivered over the holidays:

If you pass a manger scene and someone is singing “Joy to the World,” you can take your Walkman and stuff it into your ears, or you can call your lawyer. Or you can just exercise your right to leave the country. Planes are leaving every hour on the hour, get on one.

Yeah, well, an increasing number of people are taking the first flight out of America’s churches, and pastors like Hagee are a reason why.

But given Hagee’s history, it’s a bit of a surprise that he stopped with atheists. He somehow forgot to tell the Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Mormons, Sikhs, Shintoists, Bahá’ís, Taoists, Rastafarians, Pagans, Flying Spaghetti Monsterists, Jedis and any Christian that wants no part of Hagee’s divisive rhetoric to get out of the country.

Oh, and gay people. Let’s not forget gay people.

Because it’s John Hagee’s Christian nation and the rest of y’all are just here visiting.

Here’s the video, courtesy of our friends over at Right Wing Watch:

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The debate over the proposed nondiscrimination ordinance in San Antonio appears headed to a possible conclusion when the city council votes on Thursday.

As expected, the religious right has engaged in a great deal of misinformation and fear mongering during the debate, either at public hearings, in the press, via social media or through Ken Mercer’s email address book. No surprise there, unfortunately.

One of those leading the charge to smear the LGBT community has been Texas Values, lobby arm of the Plano-based, religious-right group Liberty Institute. We’ve been wondering what exactly they mean by Texas Values. Apparently, one of their values is stretching the truth.

PolitiFact Texas today took Texas Values to task for their blatant misrepresentations of the nondiscrimination ordinance’s supposed “bathroom” provision, which was characterized in a Texas Values email like so: “San Antonio Ordinance to Allow Men into Women’s Restrooms.” Here’s the verdict:

Our ruling

Texas Values’ email said, “San Antonio Ordinance to Allow Men into Women’s Restrooms.”

We found nothing in law that says San Antonio men can’t go into women’s restrooms now, or vice versa. The City of San Antonio and the councilman who proposed the measure said it won’t… Read More

This is a big week for equality in San Antonio. On Thursday the city council will take a final vote on a proposed nondiscrimination ordinance that would add protections for the LGBT community.

Here’s coverage from the San Antonio Current to bring you up to speed on matters. As you can tell by the story, religious-right activists have descended on San Antonio to rally opposition to the ordinance.

Our friends at Equality Texas have the details on their efforts in support of the ordinance. You can find that here.… Read More

This is what rapidly changing attitudes and a shift toward acceptance and equality across the country, and even in Texas, will (potentially) do to the stridently anti-gay religious right.

The San Antonio-Express News is out with a story this week about the Alamo City’s efforts to pass a non-discrimination ordinance that, among other things, says businesses can’t tell prospective patrons to take their business elsewhere simply because they’re gay or lesbian. You can read the story here. Sorry, but it is behind a paywall.

The story notes two things we think are interesting and telling.

First, the city’s smaller churches have opposed the proposed ordinance. But Catholic leaders and San Antonio’s larger evangelical congregations have been somewhat mum on the matter. Writes the Express-News:

There’s a reason for that silence, some observers said: No single topic in recent years has so polarized congregations and entire denominations as same-sex attraction.

Even conservative pastors worry about its potential for discord in their own flocks — or about being called homophobes for making religious arguments against gay marriage in the public arena.

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As we write this there is mass confusion surrounding the fate of Senate Bill 5, the restrictive anti-choice measure the far right was pushing at the Texas Legislature and that state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Ft. Worth, was trying to stop with a 13-hour filibuster that made nationwide headlines.

But what we are certain about right now is that state Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington, doesn’t understand science or, as we learned tonight, that words have meaning.

Here’s Rep. Zedler’s reaction to the pro-choice activists loudly protesting at the Capitol late Tuesday/early Wednesday:

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