The far-right American Family Association is peddling a new DVD series proclaiming that the world's living wonders can't possibly be explained by science. Check out the Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution Series here. The videos feature Jobe Martin, a dentist whose The Evolution of a Creationist lectures are all the rage among the anti-evolution crowd. (Another creationist dentist? Don McLeroy must be proud.) The AFA e-mail promotes the usual "intelligent design"/creationism theme about the complexity of life forms:…… Read More

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The folks at Free Market Foundation think their organization needs a new name. The Focus on the Family affiliate in Texas spends a lot of time trying to use government for promoting conservative  Christianity and suing school districts that resist. So in an e-mail blast asking supporters for help with a new name, they acknowledge that the “Free Market Foundation” brand doesn’t quite match what they do:

We think Free Market sounds more like an economic “think tank” than a pro-family policy organization.

They’ve been around since 1972 and just figured that out?

Moreover, the word “foundation” leads people to think we dole out money to other worthy causes.

And lastly, it is challenging to build grassroots momentum by promoting two names – Free Market Foundation and our legal division, Liberty Legal Institute.

We believe we would be more efficient, reduce confusion and have greater impact by adopting ONE name.

We agree. And being generous folks here at Texas Freedom Network, we’re happy to help. So how about:

Focus on the Family-Texas (Truth in advertising, at least.) Texans for the Right Religion Lawsuits-R-Us: Suing Schools for Jesus since 1972 SOS: Sue Our Schools Coalition Texans… Read More

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The header above is the subject line in the latest fundraising e-mail from the Free Market Foundation, the Texas affiliate of the Christian-right pressure group Focus on the Family. We suppose “Martians Invade!” sounded too silly to them.

It’s sad that in a country founded on the principle of religious freedom, pressure groups still foster such hatred for people who choose not to practice any religion. In any case, Free Market’s e-mail lists a variety of dangers posed by the atheist horde supposedly descending upon the Lone Star State. Much of the list is standard stuff, such as taking God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, blocking prayer in schools and abortion.

But taxes?

Another big issue is taxes. We’re all tired of our property taxes being raised each year without being allowed to vote on this issue. We are working hard to support legislation to cap raising appraisal taxes more than 5% unless approved by local citizens. These tax increases must stop!

Goodness. What in the world are those evil atheists up to? Not only do they want to destroy all that is holy, but now they want to tax everybody to death.

In all seriousness, this… Read More