Reject Texas Lawmakers' Attempts to Turn Lies into Laws

For years, Texas lawmakers have used shame, stigma and outright lies to spread misinformation about abortion care in Texas.

This is an obvious smokescreen for the anti-abortion movement's larger agenda: banning abortion outright. It’s a campaign to turn lies into laws.

Since 2013, some of the lies have included:

  • Forcing doctors to provide medical disinformation to women who seek an abortion
  • Throwing millions of taxpayer dollars at “crisis pregnancy centers” that pose as real clinics but instead shame and mislead women
  • Promoting a conspiracy theory that there’s a pattern of infants who are born alive following an abortion in order to pass more anti-abortion restrictions
  • Claiming to care about women’s health while standing by and doing little about the state’s woeful maternal mortality rate

In the past two legislative sessions alone, lawmakers have filed more than 70 anti-abortion bills.

Enough is enough.

The Texas Freedom Network stands in support of Texans’ access to reproductive health care, including abortion, and against the lies and inflammatory language used to shame and stigmatize.

Stand with TFN and Texans across that state in rejecting the lies of extremists at the Capitol and supporting access to abortion. Sign the petition!

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