My Faith Supports Reproductive Freedom: A Letter to Local Policymakers

Some city councils in Texas are trying to outlaw abortions in their cities. Despite the fact that this is unconstitutional and most of these towns do not have access to abortion services in their jurisdiction, they persist in restricting Texans’ access to reproductive healthcare.

Join faith leaders from diverse traditions to condemn these recent attempts to criminalize abortion care providers. Show your support for safe, affordable, and judgment-free access to reproductive healthcare in Texas.

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As leaders in our faith communities, we support the autonomy and well-being of all people. We trust Texans to exercise their right to make medical and moral decisions about their reproductive health care. We believe these decisions are best made freely, informed by their personal values and supported by their doctors, families and spiritual advisers.

We are not alone in grounding these commitments in our religious and ethical beliefs. We join the world’s religious traditions in affirming the sanctity of life. But we acknowledge that there is no moral or theological consensus about when life begins or what constitutes personhood. These are complex questions that theologians and philosophers have argued about for centuries. What’s dangerous is when individuals try to write their particular answers to these questions into law and impose them on the rest of us.

Our sacred texts neither condemn nor prohibit abortion. In fact, they call us to lean toward compassion when someone makes personal decisions about their health care. And once someone makes the decision to have an abortion, the care they receive should be safe, affordable and free from shame, judgment and the interference of government.

We condemn physical and verbal violence and harassment directed against abortion clinics, their staffs, and their clients, including recent attempts to criminalize them. No government committed to human rights and democracy can privilege the teachings of one religion over another. No single religious voice can speak for all faith traditions on abortion, nor should the government take sides on religious differences. People making reproductive decisions must have the right to apply or reject the principles of their own faith without legal restrictions. We oppose any attempt to make specific religious doctrine concerning abortion the law for all Americans.

Therefore, we call on local policymakers to:

  • Reject unconstitutional city ordinances aimed at banning abortion and shaming women who seek one
  • Stop labeling women’s health care providers and advocates as “criminal”
  • Ensure that all residents in the community have access to legal, safe and affordable reproductive health care


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