Texas has become a laboratory for bad ideas when it comes to reproductive rights. In recent years state lawmakers have passed some of the toughest anti-abortion measures in the country, essentially making the procedure almost inaccessible for many Texas women.

The Texas Freedom Network supports efforts to ensure women have access to abortion and other reproductive health care services. That access requires adequate state funding and broad availability of birth control, especially for low-income women.


The Latest on Reproductive Rights

When Texas lawmakers two years ago passed extreme legislation limiting access to abortion care, they promised to come back this legislative session to address the issue of unintended pregnancy. Now they can take a first step toward keeping that promise.

The State Affairs Committee of the Texas House is set on Wednesday to hear testimony on a proposed bill that would help lower the high number of unintended teen pregnancies in Texas. House Bill 468 by state Rep. Mary González, D-Clint, would allow teen parents over the age of 15 to obtain birth control without having to get the consent of their parents or guardians.

Lawmakers should trust teen parents and other Texans to make their own reproductive health care decisions, including the timing and spacing of their children. You can support this bill in two ways. First, contact members of the State Affairs Committee to express your support for HB 468. Second, testify at the public hearing on Wednesday, March 18, at 10:30 a.m. or after the House has adjourned for the day. The hearing is set for Room JHR 140 in the John H. Reagan Building at 105 West 15th Street in Austin.

Tell members of the House State… Read More

One of the most appalling examples of the contempt many politicians and religious-right activists have for the freedom of Texans to make even the most intimate decisions about their own health care was the case of Marlise Muñoz last year. Marlise was 14 weeks into a pregnancy when she suffered a pulmonary embolism. Although doctors declared her brain dead and she had previously made it clear to her family that she wanted to forego medical intervention in such a circumstance, the hospital argued that Texas law forced it to keep Marlise’s body hooked up to machines until the fetus was delivered or died.

As an NPR story pointed out, the hospital “maintained a corpse against the wishes of the family, for the protection of a fetus that couldn’t live.” Her family fought in court for two months for the right to respect Marlise’s expressed wishes. Her husband was even forced to sue the hospital for “cruel and obscene mutilation of a corpse.” Eventually, a state judge ordered the hospital to obey the wishes of Marlise and her family and unhook her body from its machines.

Right-wing politicians like state Rep. Bill Zedler, R-Arlington, have sneeringly questioned the motives of Marlise’s devastated family. One has even filed legislation this year that would require the… Read More

Too often the only faith voices heard on the issue of reproductive rights are those who seek to limit or end altogether access to abortion and other family planning services. But that monologue from the religious right is coming to an end. Faith leaders from across the state are now joining together to support the right to safe, legal abortion care and affordable family planning for all Texans. We sent out this press release Tuesday evening announcing a new campaign — Just Texas: Faith Voices for Reproductive Justice:


‘Just Texas: Faith Voices for Reproductive Justice’ Focuses on Organizing People of Faith in Support of Access to Abortion, Family Planning Services


Clergy and other people of faith gathered in Austin Tuesday evening at a special service launching a new campaign focused on countering the continued political attacks on reproductive health care and access to abortion and family planning services for all Texans.

The multifaith event at Temple Beth Shalom launching “Just Texas: Faith Voices for Reproductive Justice” featured a talk by Dr. Willie Parker, who shared the story of… Read More

Anti-abortion extremists in Texas are pushing new legislation that would make it even more difficult, if not impossible, for millions of Texans to have access to safe, legal and affordable abortion care. This time they’re doing so by attacking private health insurance offered through the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), or “Obamacare.”

Extremists have long attacked the the ACA for allegedly forcing federal taxpayers to “subsidize” abortions. But they haven’t been telling the truth.

Since the passage of the so-called Hyde Amendment in the late 1970s, federal law has barred the use of federal funds to pay for abortion except in the cases of rape or incest and if the life of the mother is endangered. The ACA doesn’t change that. From the Henry K. Kaiser Family Foundation’s excellent website detailing the provisions of the ACA:

The ACA reinforces the current Hyde Amendment restrictions, continuing to limit federal funds to pay for pregnancy terminations that endanger the life of the woman or that are a result of rape or incest. State Medicaid programs continue to have the option to cover abortions in other circumstances using only state funds and no federal funds. President Obama issued an executive order as part of health reform that restated the federal limits specifically… Read More

Trust. Respect. Access.

The Texas Freedom Network is working with a coalition of local progressive organizations on a long term campaign to promote policies that restore trust in Texans to make their own reproductive health care decisions, respect for health care professionals’ judgment about patient care and access to the full range of reproductive health care in Texas. Extremist politicians have gone too far in restricting reproductive health care, and today, a diverse group of Texans comes together to demand lawmakers take the first steps toward a better Texas.

You can get involved by joining the Texas Rising campaign. When you sign up we’ll keep you up to date on relevant bills that are moving in the Texas legislature and send you calls to action when we need you to use your voice.

TRUST. Trust Texans to make their own reproductive health care decisions.

• Polling shows that an overwhelming majority of Texans agree that it is important for students to get comprehensive, age-appropriate and medically accurate sex education that includes information on birth control as well as abstinence.1 • Studies indicate that young people who receive comprehensive sex education are 50 percent less likely to have an… Read More

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