Texas Health Curriculum Standards Overhaul Veers Off Course Out of the Gate

In a state that long has had one of the highest teen birth rates in the nation, it's clear that the state's abstinence-focused curriculum standards for health and sex education need an overhaul. But that's not how abstinence-only politicians on the State Board of Education see things. Information TFN has obtained through an open records request shows the first revision of the health standards in more than two decades already appears headed off the rails toward another unnecessary culture war  battle -- this time with the health of millions of Texas students on the line. Check out the press release we just sent out. Read More

Texas Civil Rights Project

We're learning about trends in the Texas electorate and how municipal elections in the state are changing from Val Benavidez of @TFN! Most notably: we have a big opportunity to increase voter turnout for youth and people of color! #TakeBackTheVote pic.twitter.com/sORj…