Join the TFN Team: Regional Field Coordinator (Dallas/Fort Worth)

The Texas Freedom Network ( seeks a full-time Regional Field Coordinator in Dallas. The Texas Freedom Network is a statewide non-partisan, grassroots organization that is building an informed and effective movement working toward equality and social justice. Read More

A bill that would ban abortion coverage in private health insurance plans is headed for a vote in the Texas House of Representatives. Read More

The Texas House could soon move toward a vote on yet another unnecessary abortion restriction. Here's the good news: We can demand that a key committee keep the bill off the House floor. Read More

As pro-equality activists converge on the state Capitol on Friday (July 21) to speak out against the discriminatory "bathroom bill," supportive clergy will also be there to add their voices. Read More

Scott Braddock

So, we were told repeatedly that the whole point of the #SaveChikFilA bill was that they should be free to do whatever they like. Now that they're doing something different, as a private business, the same people who pushed the bill are blasting them. Ok. #TxLege