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by Erica Faulkenberry

Voting is the easiest way to elevate our voices.  Together, we can elect leaders who will stand up for the values we hold dear — like equality, quality public education, reproductive rights, and social justice for all members of our communities. We’re here to help you become a confident voter who makes informed decisions at the poll. Below, you will find our voter guides for the Bexar County District Attorney race and our Meet the Candidates: State Board of Education feature.

Bexar County District Attorney Voter Guide Meet the Candidates: State Board of Education

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There’s one person in the system who can do a lot to end mass incarceration tomorrow if they want to — it’s the prosecutor. 

District Attorneys and the prosecutors they oversee are enormously powerful in the US criminal justice system, in large part because they are given so much discretion to prosecute however they see fit. They effectively decide who goes to prison and who doesn’t, and how long someone will go to prison for — by unilaterally choosing what charges to bring against anyone. If we’re ever going to genuinely transform our nation’s criminal justice system, then we have to overhaul prosecutorial practices.


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Important Dates Early voting runs Tuesday, February 20th to Friday, March 2nd. During early voting, you can vote at any polling location. Primary Election Day is Tuesday, March 6th from 7 am – 7 pm. You must vote at your assigned polling site in your precinct.

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Thank you for joining the campaign for accurate history in our schools! We’ll be in touch with other ways you can help.

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