Tell Senators: Say ‘No’ to Senate Bill 3

by TFN

No Vouchers
Late last week, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s pet voucher scheme was voted out of the Senate Education Committee. The bill, Senate Bill 3, would create “Education Savings Accounts” and “Tax Credit Scholarships,” which are just other names for voucher schemes. In other words, this is two voucher bills in one.

But here’s the good news — Patrick is having trouble getting the necessary votes to bring his bill to the Senate floor.

The vote is very close on this one. So we need you to call your Senator TODAY and tell them to stand against all efforts to bring SB 3 to the Senate floor.

Vouchers would strip precious funds from our neighborhood schools. Let’s stop SB 3 in its tracks!

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When you call, tell senators:

  • Vouchers drain money out of neighborhood public schools to subsidize private and religious schools that are unaccountable to taxpayers and don’t have to meet the same standards.
  • Neighborhood public schools are still struggling with the deep (and unrestored) funding cuts the Legislature made during the Great Recession. It makes no sense to create a new taxpayer-funded entitlement program to fund private and religious schools that educate the few students that gain admission.
  • In fact, voucher schemes of all kinds largely benefit wealthy families. That’s because wealthy families can best afford to make up the cost between the value of a voucher and the actual cost of tuition and other charges at private and religious schools.
  • The only real “choice” in voucher schemes belongs to private and religious schools, which get to choose which students they will accept.
  • Vouchers divert important resources from the majority of Texas students to serve a small segment of children who could be served through existing public school choice options.

Need more info? Here is the full text of Senate Bill 3 and you can also read the analysis from the Coalition for Public Schools.

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