Texas leaders don't want anyone to know they are attacking women’s health care — so they are targeting state health researchers for simply telling the truth.

Tell state leaders: Don't put politics ahead of the facts. Stop silencing researchers who tell the truth about damages to women's health care in Texas.

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A respected researcher at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission was forced out of his job after a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed Texas’ cuts to family planning services are restricting women’s access to health care and causing an increase in pregnancies.

Now Texas politicians are attacking the researcher for simply providing accurate information.

What is happening in Texas?

In February the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine published a study showing that substantially fewer Texas women are obtaining long-acting methods of birth control after the state cut Planned Parenthood from the women’s health care program. Moreover, the study found an increase in some Medicaid-funded births after the cuts. Embarrassed by the disastrous consequences of the cuts they supported, a few state leaders, led by Sen. Jane Nelson of the powerful Senate Finance Committee, immediately went on the attack.

Sen. Nelson initially attempted to dispute the facts and methodology of the study, despite its publication in one of the world’s most respected, peer-reviewed medical journals. But then she went a step further, attacking the participation of two state researchers in the report. Ultimately, under threat of disciplinary action, the director of research at the Texas Health and Human Services Commission retired.

Do our state leaders really think that they can hide their war on women by ending the distinguished, 20-year career of a state researcher? Speak up today.