Get Confederate ‘Heroes' Out of Texas Classrooms

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Get Confederate ‘Heroes' Out of Texas Classrooms

History curriculum standards in Texas schools glorify the Confederacy and whitewash the history of slavery and the Civil War. It’s past time to correct this racist history.

Tell the Texas State Board of Education:
Stop whitewashing the history of slavery and the Civil War in Texas schools.

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Politicians on the State Board of Education in 2010 approved controversial curriculum standards that mislead Texas public school students about the history of the Civil War and slavery in our country.

In fact, the standards downplay the role of slavery in causing the Civil War (Grade 5 TEKS 4E, Grade 7 TEKS 5A, Grade 8 TEKS 8B). They glorify misleading justifications Confederate President Jefferson Davis gave for secession (Grade 8 TEKS 8C). They even portray "Stonewall" Jackson, a Confederate general who took up arms against his country, as someone who modeled “effective leadership in a constitutional republic” (Grade 8 TEKS 22B).

The state board has the opportunity to correct this rewriting of history when it revises the curriculum standards starting this fall.

The cause of the Civil War was the evil institution of slavery. Confederate leaders were not heroes. And it’s past time that politicians, schools and public monuments stopped lying about all of that.