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TFN’s rapid response teams are organized around 6 issue areas:

  • Reform the State Board of Education — supporting legislative reforms that would de-politicize the SBOE and put teachers and scholars in control of textbooks and curriculum decisions
  • Restore Responsible Sex Education and Access to Contraception — supporting comprehensive, evidence-based sex education in Texas schools and protect the ability for women to access basic preventive healthcare services — including contraception and family planning
  • Protect Religious Freedom — opposing any actions by the government that would promote one faith over others and threaten the separation of church and state
  • Defend Civil Liberties — working against discrimination in public policy, especially policy targeting gay and lesbian Texans
  • Stand Up for Science — promoting sound science over ideology, including support for stem cell research and accurate instruction on evolution
  • Strengthen Public Schools — opposing private school voucher schemes and other attempts to undermine public education

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