With a public school enrollment of more than 5 million, Texas has an increasingly diverse public education system. Unfortunately, that public education system is also the target of politicians seeking to privatize our neighborhood public schools and push a culture-war agenda in the classroom.

To that end, the Texas Freedom Network – while continuing to fight private school voucher legislation at the Capitol – has conducted groundbreaking research into what is being taught in classrooms on subjects like sex education and religion.


Broken Promises: Charter Schools in Texas (2000 report)

Broken Promises II (2001 report)


The State Board of Education: Dragging Texas Schools into the Culture Wars (2008 report)


Just Say Don’t Know: Sex Education in Texas Public Schools (2009 report)

Sex Education in Public Schools: Progress in the Lone Star State (2011 report)

Reading Writing & Religion: Teaching the Bible in Texas Public Schools (2006 report)

Reading, Writing & Religion II (2013 report)

Can This Class Be Saved? The ‘Hobby Lobby’ Public School Bible Curriculum (2014 report)


The Texas Freedom Network is pleased to endorse the following candidates for the State Board of Education 2016 general election.*

SBOE District 5 Rebecca Bell-Metereau (D)


SBOE District 6 R. Dakota Carter (D)


SBOE District 9 Amanda Rudolph (D)


SBOE District 10 Judy Jennings (D)


These candidates are involved in tight election contests. Your support can make a critical difference in helping elect leaders who support our mainstream values. Here’s what you can do next:… Read More

// The Texas Freedom Network has assembled a nonpartisan voter guide to inform citizens about the positions of candidates for the State Board of Education.

All information reported here was provided directly by each candidate or campaign in response to a questionnaire. 

The guide is divided into two categories: the state board’s authority and process, and education issues that have or may come before the board. Click on one of the categories below to see where candidates stand on that issue. (We have included responses only from candidates who completed the questionnaire.)

*Denotes incumbent

State Board of Education Authority and Process

Question: Teachers and academic scholars should have primary responsibility for writing curriculum standards and textbook requirements for Texas public schools.… Read More

Opponents of private school vouchers delivered a strong message to Texas House Public Education Committee members at a public hearing on Monday: stop trying to use tax dollars to subsidize private and religious schools at the expense of our neighborhood public schools. Read More

On Tuesday the Texas Freedom Network joined a broad array of coalition partners at a rally to call on the State Board of Education to reject the error-riddled, deeply offensive Mexican American Heritage textbook submitted for adoption in Texas. TFN President Kathy Miller (speaking in the photo above) was one of the speakers at the rally just before the state board began a public hearing on the textbook. Other speakers included scholars, community leaders, activists and representatives of partner organizations in the Responsible Ethnic Studies Textbook Coalition. Read More

Cynthia Dunbar is upset that scholars don't like her deeply flawed and outrageously offensive Mexican American Heritage textbook, which the State Board of Education (SBOE) is considering for adoption for Texas public schools this year. So now the right-wing, former SBOE member (and current Donald Trump supporter) is offering a rather absurd defense of the text. Read More

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There are a lot of ways in which mainstream reporters and editors who don't make the effort to do the right thing -- i.e. call people by their names and use their pronouns -- are in fact doing the wrong thing.

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