2018 Texas Primaries

by Erica Faulkenberry

Voting is the easiest way to elevate our voices.  Together, we can elect leaders who will stand up for the values we hold dear — like equality, quality public education, reproductive rights, and social justice for all members of our communities. We’re here to help you become a confident voter who makes informed decisions at the poll. Below, you will find our voter guides for the Bexar County District Attorney race and our Meet the Candidates: State Board of Education feature.

Find answers to all of your election-related questions at GoVoteTexas.Org

Want to do more? We have some ideas!

  • Share our voter guides!
  • Organize a we-voted victory happy hour for your friends.
  • Offer to be the DPPD (designated polling place driver) to help everyone get to the polls.
  • Keep voting!
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Dr. Willie Parker

When Mississippi politicians are as interested in lowering infant mortality and maternal mortality, both disparately high for women of color in that state, I’ll believe that they are truly “pro-life”. Until then, spare me. cnn.com/2018/03/19/h…

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